Volunteer Opportunities


Fair Chairs & Superintendents Needed!

The 2022 Dane County Fair is currently recruiting Fair Chairs & Superintendents in the following departments:

  • Plant & Soil Science (Chair & Superintendents)
  • Woodworking (Chair & Superintendents)
  • Shooting Sports (Chair & Superintendents)
  • Family & Child Development (Chair & Superintendents)
  • Youth Leadership & Self Determined Projects (Chair & Superintendents)
  • Health, Social and Political Sciences (Chair & Superintendents)
  • Home Furnishings (Superintendents)
  • Photography (Superintendents)
  • Communications (Superintendents)

Department Chair and Superintendent Responsibilties and Expectations

If you are interested in being a Fair Chair/Superintendent, please fill out the application below and contact the Fair Office with any questions - danecountyfair2900@gmail.com or 608-291-2900. Applications will be reviewed by Fair staff, and applicants will be contacted directly to discuss the department of interest.