Shooting Sports Information

Update from the Shooting Sports Committee about overall shooting sports practices and Trap and Skeet.

Due to the restrictions due to COVID and the site availability, most shooting sports discipline meetings have to be cancelled this year. The exceptions are Trap and Skeet -  information below for those youth registered for the Shotgun Project.

Even though the hands on discipline meetings (archery, rifle, pistol, etc.) have been cancelled, Shooting Sports Project members may participate in Natural Sciences, Class J. Shooting Sports Exhibit.  They may, too, complete the Wildlife Ecology Knowledge Challenge, currently scheduled for June 12. More information will be available in the next few weeks.

If you are registered for the Shotgun Project…read the email from the DCF Shotgun Superintendent, Pam VanderSanden:

Hello Shotgun Project members and Families,

*This sure has been an interesting year. I am happy to announce that Trap and Skeet of the Shotgun project will take place this year for the Dane County Fair.  

*You have to be 12 years old and have successfully completed DNT's Hunter's Safety program to participate in a powder burning fire arm discipline. 

*The practices/certification meetings will be held at the Stoughton Conservation Club. The times are 6:00 pm-8:00 pm. The dates are May, 11th, 18th, 25th and June 8th. 

*Three safety meetings are required per discipline to be certified, Senior level shooters need only 1 qualifier if they have participated in trap/skeet for the previous two years. The 4H shooting sports committee reserves the right to ask a Senior level shooter to complete three classes.

*The fair date is Saturday, June 12th. The time is from 9:00 am - 11:30 am. When the fair entries open you must sign up for a time slot for Trap and/or Skeet as well as for the Wildlife Ecology exam. The exam will only be offered that Saturday of the Fair shoot.  

*I do not plan on having a parent meeting because we are only offering one discipline this year. 

*With the shortage of ammunition this year and to make sure we have enough to offer it for the fair shoot, we will only allow members to purchase one box per night per trap and/or skeet. The price will be $10 per box. The cost to shoot a round will stay at $3.00. If you could have exact change and place the money or check, made payable to Dane County 4-H, in a envelope with the child's first and last name that will greatly help with this step.

*If you have your own eye and ear protection and shooting pouch, please bring them. It will take some time in between shooters to clean the shared equipment. 

*At this time, we will be requiring face masks to be worn at all times along with social distancing.

*I am not going to create a sign up genius for practice slots but be aware if I have 10 shooters all at 6:00 I will only be able to have 5 shoot at a time and in the beginning you could be waiting at least 30 minutes for the next group to shoot. 

*Skeet shooters will shoot at 7:00 pm. for their certification/safety meeting. 

If you have any questions you can call or text me at 608-206-4968 or send an email to

Thank you,
Pam VanderSanden 
Shotgun Superintendent